Warrington West Station

Warrington West is a new station facility located west of central Warrington on the southern Liverpool to Manchester line, between Sankey and Warrington Central Stations.

Chromatica manufactured and installed LED luminaires into the staircase handrail system. In addition, Chromatica fabricated and installed a luminaire anti climb containment system across the main bridge and exit spans.

Two of the above lighting circuits are connected to a central battery system to operate every other luminaire at 100% light output, for a period of upto 3 hours in the event of a mains failure.


• 57 x RL648.ASY.WH.MD Chromatica LED handrail luminaires
• 1 x CHR.PSU.552 Chromatica power supply unit
• 1 x CHR.CBS.300VA Chromatica central battery system
• 20M CHR.ACCMS Chromatica anti climb luminaire and cable management system
• Handrail supply and install by bridge fabricator