Colchester Castle

As part of an initiative to light many of Colchester’s historical structures, Chromatica have illuminated the town centre Castle.

In addition to the fixed white LED Uplighters used around the building perimeter, separate RGB colour change Uplighters are used to light the front façade of the castle in any colour. Colours may be fixed or can be animated to drift across the façade.

Luminaires are programmed by a simple wall mounted touch screen programmer and can be fully automated or manually adjusted as desired.

For more information on fixed white lighting, please see our “exterior section”


• 9 x UPL200.RGB Chromatica LED Uplighter luminaire – RGB colour change
• 2 x CHR.PSU. SPE1 Special 30V DC Chromatica LED power supply units and DMX RGB LED drivers.
• 1 x RGB controller DMX controller unit.
• Luminaire ground support tube install by Civil Contractor.
• Luminaire install and commission by Chromatica.
• All 230V works by M & E Contractor.