Horden Station

Horden Station is a new facility on the Durham Coast Line, to serve the communities of the south-east of the county and the residents of Peterlee. Operated by Northern Railways the new station is located just ¾ of a mile from the original station, which closed in 1964.

As part of the new station development, a bridge structure with staircases and access ramps has been constructed, to provide access for passengers between the two platforms and the carpark.

Chromatica manufactured and installed an LED lighting system within the handrails on all the staircases and access ramps, and within the SHS located just below the top chord of the main bridge span. In addition, two a central battery systems provide emergency lighting for a period of up to 3 hours in the event of a mains failure.


• 3 x RL648.ASY.WH.MD Chromatica LED handrail luminaires
• 56 x RL348.ASY.WH.MD Chromatica LED handrail luminaires
• 295 x RL348.80D.WH.MD Chromatica LED handrail luminaires
• 2 x CHR.PSU.552 Chromatica power supply unit
• 2 x CHR.CBS.600VA Chromatica central battery system
• Handrail supply and install by bridge fabricator