Millbrook Station

Operated by South Western Railway; Millbrook Station is in the Millbrook area of Southampton. Located between Southampton Central and Redbridge, the station is served by an hourly stopping service between Romsey and Salisbury.

As part of a new bridge fabrication project to provide improved passenger access, Chromatica manufactured and installed LED luminaires into the staircase handrail system and the 60mm SHS located just below the top chord of the main bridge span.

In addition, a central battery system provides mains protection to 1 of the lighting circuits to operate every other luminaire at 100% light output, for a period of upto 3 hours in the event of a mains failure.


• 3 x RL648.ASY.WH.MD Chromatica LED handrail luminaires
• 72 x RL348.ASY.WH.MD Chromatica LED handrail luminaires
• 1 x CHR.PSU.442 Chromatica power supply unit
• 1 x CHR.CBS.250VA Chromatica central battery system
• Handrail supply and install by bridge fabricator