Didcot Station

Didcot Station originally opened in 1844 and was renamed Didcot Parkway in 1985 by British Rail to reflect its role as a park and ride facility. The station provides access for passengers to the rail network by local services between Reading and Oxford, and by main line services from Paddington to the south west of England and South Wales.

As part of an improved access development scheme, a new bridge structure has been constructed to connect the new multi storey car park with the station-building car park. As part of the construction a new staircase provides access to the bridge structure from the new MSCP side of the station.

Chromatica supplied and installed dual height handrails to both sides of the new staircase. To illuminate the staircase, Chromatica RL648 LED handrail luminaries are utilised in one side of the dual height handrail system.

One of the above lighting circuits is connected to a central battery system. This will operate every other luminaire at 100% light output for a period of upto 3 hours in the event of a mains supply failure.


• 17 x RL648.ASY.WH.MD Chromatica LED handrail luminaires
• 1 x CHR.PSU.442 Chromatica power supply unit
• 1 x CHR.CBS.150VA Chromatica central battery system
• Handrail supply and install by Chromatica Ltd