Colchester North Roman Wall

As part of an initiative to illuminate many of Colchester’s historical structures, Chromatica illuminated sections of the Roman Wall along the extent of Balkerne Hill. The scheme is split by the Balkerne Gate structure and the Hole in the Wall Public House.

To illuminate the various sections of the Roman Wall, Chromatica have manufactured and installed UP200 LED uplighter luminaires. Luminaires are mounted in fabricated aluminium ground tubes and operate at 30V DC. Power is supplied from PSU gear trays located within feeder pillars and Gifas boxes along the route of the wall.


• 58 x UPL200 Chromatica LED uplighter luminaires.
• 5 x CHR.PSU. SPE1 Special 30V DC Chromatica LED power supply units.
• Luminaire ground support tube install by Civil Contractor.
• Luminaire install and commission by Chromatica.
• All 230V works by M & E Contractor.