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Convention Centre Dublin

Located on the banks of the river Liffey, the Convention Centre Dublin is Irelands new world class convention centre. Chromatica were commissioned to create a LED chandelier, which is suspended within the glass atrium of the building. Mounted from a ring beam at a height of 30M and with a drop of 20M, in excess of 1000 Rebel High Flux LED's provide general circulation lighting in the atrium area.

Located on the banks of the river Liffey, the Convention Centre Dublin is Irelands new world-class convention centre. With 22 flexible meeting rooms that may accommodate up to 8000 delegates and 4500 sq m of exhibition space, the CCD provides an exceptional venue encompassing spacious and elegant conference halls with leading edge technology.

The focal point of the CCD is the full height glass atrium, at the centre of which is suspended a LED chandelier, designed, manufactured, and commissioned by Chromatica.

Manufactured in 608-2tc high grade aluminium box section, the chandelier is 9.0M in diameter, 3.4M high at its tallest point and weighs 400kg. The whole structure is suspended from one single building ring beam at a height of 30M and drops 20M, with the chandelier suspended at a finished level of 10M above the atrium floor.

Due to the physical size of the structure and with no means of getting the finished product into the building, sections were pre fabricated off site in Coventry, shipped to Dublin and fully assembled in the foyer of the convention centre. Specialist contractors were employed to lift the chandelier onto the ring beam 30M above the atrium floor. With the chandelier in place all off the 252 electrical connections were made to power the 1008 high flux rebel LED's used in the chandelier luminaires.

Down lighter luminaries on the central core of the chandelier provide functional lighting in the atrium for the purpose of general circulation, whilst "Delta" luminaries at the end points of the 7-sided star provide aesthetic up and down lighting. A later addition to the chandelier comprises of 7 no. 500W PAR56 tungsten projectors, to provide highly focussed lighting for exhibits that may be displayed in the foyer from time to time.

All LED luminaries are controlled via 28 DMX drivers mounted in a fan cooled rack cabinet located in a riser cupboard. Via a KNX interface the chandelier, including the Tungsten projectors, is connected to the main Building Management System. This allows full control of all of the luminaries allowing them to be switched on and off or dimmed up or down independently as deemed necessary.

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