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Pont Calzaghe Bridge

The Pont Calzaghe Bridge in Newbridge, South Wales, spans the River Ebbw and local railway line to provide an important pedestrian link between the town centre, school and railway station. In partnership with Environmental Street Furniture, Chromatica designed, manufactured, and installed in excess of 460 high Flux LED luminaries and associated rail system to illuminate the bridge decks.

Located in Newbridge - South Wales - the Pont Calzaghe Bridge spans the River Ebbw and local railway line to provide an important pedestrian link between the town centre, school and railway station.

Chromatica in partnership with Environmental Street Furniture designed, manufactured, and installed the stainless steel handrail and integrated LED lighting system used to illuminate the bridge decks. Our partnership with ESF enabled Chromatica to deliver a complete lighting solution, including all of the stainless steel handrail, support brackets and installation to give a single source solution to the civil contractor.

In excess of 460 high flux LED luminares mounted within the rail system are used to illuminate the bridge decks in accordance with BS EN13201 S1. Luminaires are not only mounted in the straight rail sections, but also follow curved rail sections as the bridge ramps switch back through 180 deg in direction.

A 24V DC low voltage network runs through the bridge rails to provide low voltage power to the LED luminaires. Each luminiare has an integral electronic driver which compensates for the volt drop associated with long cable runs, thus ensuring correct operation of all the LED's. In addition to the LV network, a signal wire runs through out the complete installation giving a manual dimming facility at the AC/DC power supply locations. In total the bridge is broken down into 18 zones which may be independantly dimmed up or down to match illumination levels as  necessary.

To avoid the use of obtrusive feeder pillars, the AC/DC power supplies are located in flush, ground mounted IDS chambers. Passively cooled power supplies, mounted in IP66 enclosures, distribute power via a stainless steel conduit network to the hand rails of the bridge.

Working in conjunction with the bridge builder and errectors, all the necessary fixings and special mounting boxes were put in place during bridge construction ready for luminaire and rail installation.

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