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Pont Y Werin Bridge

Spaning the marina in Cardiff Bay, the Pont Y Werin bridge provides access between Penarth and the International Sports Village. Chromatica designed, manufactured and installed 278 High Flux LED luminiares to illuminate the 140M long bridge deck.

The 140m long Pont y Werin bridge spans the marina in Cardiff bay, providing  access for cyclists and pedestrians between the International Sports Village in Cardiff Bay and Penarth. Otherwise known as the "Peoples Bridge" the £4.5 million structure is split into 4 spans, of which 1 span rises to allow vessels to pass underneath.

To illuminate the bridge deck Chromatica designed, manufactured and installed a high flux LED luminaire system on both sides of the bridge deck within the rails that constitute the parapet railing system. This provides a discreet, but effective lighting solution, which is encompassed within the fabric of the bridge construction rather than been seen as an addition to the finished project.

A total of 278 LED luminaires are mounted in the fifth rail of the parapet system. In addition to the LED luminaries a low voltage DC harness also runs through the fifth rail distributing power from the AC/DC power supplies located inside the bridge sections.

Due to the confined space inside the rail system all of the necessary luminaire electronics are remote from the lighting fixtures, and form part of the LV harness system. By co-ordination with the bridge fabricator, Chromatica designed and installed the pre-assembled harnesses into the bridge structure with all of the necessary luminaire cabling exiting the pre-cut luminaire slots in the correct locations, ready for fitment of the luminaries. The LV harness system exits the parapet rails at the end of each bridge span, via a galvanised steel conduit system.

Each LV harness leads to cavities with in the bridge deck where they are supplied 29.5V DC via intelligent AC/DC power supplies. The remote electronics built into the LV harness running through the bridge rails automatically compensates for voltage drop, ensuring each luminaire receives the correct forward voltage and current to ensure their reliable operation.

Luminaires are held within the rails by stainless steel retaining clips and screw fasteners. The luminaire design maintains a close gap line between the luminaire and slot aperture improving the aesthetic appearance of the finished installation.

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